Ahriana Edwards

Ahriana Edwards became a member of The Women’s Business Center of Fayetteville at CEED in January 2021. As a Business Consultant Intern, she helps clients during the different stages of their business development focusing on sharing the skills needed to build their customer base through business exposure techniques, such as pitching and media content.

Ahriana was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. Her last job experience was as an Account Manager at Facebook. She is currently graduating in May with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration concentration in Entrepreneurship.

Her personal skillset is personal development and brand exposure. Through her experience of competing in 10+ pitch competitions and working at companies such as Facebook, Toyota, and other entrepreneurial organizations, she knows what it takes to personally develop yourself, your business, and your mindset to attract success and customers. 

At WBCFAY, she focuses on business exposure techniques. With her background in pitch competitions, entrepreneurial events, mentorship from compelling leaders, and her experiences of building her own business, she is prepared to serve others in their entrepreneurial ventures. 

Ahriana teaches classes dealing with the promotion of your business. Specifically, she touches on how to hone your pitch, learning best practices for running Facebook ads to attract the right customers, and she will also partake in workshops about “showing up” in front of investors during the Can do Carolina Pitch Competition coming up.



Ahriana keeps us all motivated with her ability to take any situation and find the positive. She has a quote to fit every moment and spark creativity in us all.