Our Intensive Trainings are designed to offer targeted guidance for tools and resources designed to help grow, market and enhance your business.

Upcoming Intensive Trainings

In the first of our 1 Day Intensive Workshops, we are taking all three parts of our popular CANVA Series and bringing them to you in one full day of learning!

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

Learn To Design with CANVA . . .

  • how to create effective logos, flyers, and a variety of other content to market your business.

  • how to navigate the platform,

  • organize your work,

  • utilize templates

CANVA: Beyond The Basics . . .

  • Finding your Brand’s Color Code(s)

  • Creating a CANVA Brand Kit: From Colors To Fonts

  • Customizing Templates To Fit Your Brand/Business

CANVA: Tricks & Hacks . . .

  • Aligning your text

  • Combining fonts, styles and colors

  • How To use newest CANVA tools

“If I try really hard and fail, it just means that I need to try harder and harder, until eventually, I succeed. And then when I succeed I can attribute my success to trying really hard.” – Melanie Perkins, CANVA Founder & CEO


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