Monday Motivation was created through a desire to bring women in business together through learning, motivation and inspiration.

Each event is focused on giving attendees an experience that empowers them to walk away and do the things they may have feared, be the entrepreneurs they aspire to be and encourage others to do the same.

CEED Executive Director, Suzy Hrabovsky has dusted off an old book from the shelf:  The Six Thinking Hats by Edward De Bono.


It’s perfect! What better way to explore our many hats by working on our critical thinking skills. This book explores critical thinking as a way of emphasizing what can be and how to move forward.


Last year was a year that seemed as if it stood still. So how do we move forward? What did we learn from last year? What hats did we wear? What new hats do we have to wear? What hats do we use to plan for the year ahead? What hats do we use to work through our business challenges?


Edward De Bono helps us by analyzing critical thinking skills in the form of hats. These six hats of different colors: red, white, blue, black, yellow, and green represent six modes of critical thinking. Learning about them and learning to apply them to our daily decision-making, will be one of the tools that will help us and those around us succeed.
This month we continue our Critical Thinking series with the Blue hat. The blue hat is one that likes to take control by organizing and bringing together the traits of the other hats and deciding which hat will be used in each situation.
Suzy will help us each understand how to become a successful Blue Hat thinker using the F.O.R.M. method:


Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Motivation


This month we have partnered with local small business owner Camille Sheffield of The Camille Spa and Wax Studio to offer each registered attendee the opportunity to be Entered To WIN a custom spa package created just for our Monday Motivators.


*The winner will be selected during the Monday Motivation event.


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"What You Say . . ."

Impact Stories . . .

“Who says there is only one way to get things done? Today I left the event in Fayetteville feeling empowered, uplifted,motivated and worthy!

One of the things that hit me today was I have been struggling who I am in this next chapter of life. Emptynest happening soon so I have been thinking about life after all the kids are adults.

What will that mean? What will life be like? What about the blog name, will it even apply?? So many questions but also so many moments of clarity knowing that no matter what I am worthy of having my own business and my voice is still worthy of being heard.

I can’t wait for next month’s meeting.”

Adventures of A Frugal Mom

Melissa Vera – Owner

“. . . alongside a group of amazing women entrepreneurs I am enjoying Monday Motivation #icaniwilliam learning about growth mindset and the importance of self-love in the process.”

Rooted NC

Janeissy Armstrong – Owner

“…everybody was very positive. Great spirit, great energy and I’m gonna go back!”

Textured Hair Care Center NC

Jameela Evans – Owner