Claudia Zamora, a passionate psychic medium from Argentina wanted to bring her talent to the Fayetteville community. Upon retiring from the fitness industry, Claudia needed assistance to create a business that assists in coaching clients, shifting their energy, and predicting their future. Feeling that she could serve a purpose in the community and give added meaning to lives in the Fayetteville area, she reached out to the Women’s Business Center for help.

Through the Women’s Business Center, she gained valuable information on financial literacy and business planning which allowed her to open a storefront neighboring the Women’s Business Center in downtown Fayetteville.

Since opening, Claudia has hired an apprentice, and has hopes of hiring another employee and expanding business hours in the future. The Women’s Business Center was able to help Claudia lower her production time and become a valuable asset to her community.

Owner: Claudia Zamora