Katlin Neese


WBCFay Director


910-323-3377 Ext. 1009

I have a reputation in the office for constantly eating, super healthy “weird” things, at weird times! You’ll often see me drinking my spirulina/algae water or eating sushi for breakfast… but nachos and ramen have my heart. #balance 

Stuart Walters

Business Loans & Finances

Business Consultant


910-323-3377 Ext. 1005

The Dumbledore of the team I am always ‘in the know’ of all things finance and business including the latest articles and breaking news despite still using a flip phone for communication!

Carolina Echeverri

Business Plans & Military Outreach | Bilingual

Business Consultant


910-323-3377 Ext. 1010

I’m a pet lover, fashionista, dark chocolate enthusiast and Columbian who believes there is no better way to change the world than having a cup of coffee while chatting with a friend.

Sara Kanady

Business Loans & Finances

Business Consultant


910-323-3377 Ext. 1021

Sara loves her dog so much that people think she’s talking about her boyfriend when referring to him. If you cannot find her at her desk… have a look under, you will find her with fluffy socks and a space heater. 

Melissa Martinez

Data Entry | Bilingual

Business Consultant


910-323-3377 Ext. 100?

“I’m a Colombian nature lover who enjoys quality outdoor time with family and friends. My perfect day would start with a beautiful sunrise view and ends with a glass of my favorite wine at the beach.” 

Caitlin Chastain

Copyright & Press Releases

Business Consultant


910-323-3377 Ext. 1008

My fashion icon is Cher who is known as the queen of reinvention for changing her look and career to stay relevant in pop culture. I love to use Cher and other rock and roll icons as reference to entrepreneurs who may need to pivot their idea or business strategy to stay profitable!