Suzy Hrabovsky

Executive Director

910-323-3377 Ext. 1000

My office? I’ve got the best seating! People come to my office to sink into the gray couch stretched along the window. On my desk is always a mound of paperwork for signature or review, a cup of coffee from Rude Awakening and my bottled water.

Rossana Allup


Interim Director

910-323-3377 Ext. 1004

I am known for always bringing balloons to our birthday celebrations! Another personal signature is – I love burgers! I have tried almost all the burger places in downtown and in the surrounding areas. Let me know if you want a recommendation!

Stuart Walters

Business Loans & Finances

Business Consultant

910-323-3377 Ext. 1005

The Dumbledore of the team I am always ‘in the know’ of all things finance and business including the latest articles and breaking news despite still using a flip phone for communication!

Katlin Kneese


Business Consultant

910-323-3377 Ext. 1009

I have a reputation in the office for constantly eating, super healthy “weird” things, at weird times! You’ll often see me drinking my spirulina/algae water or eating sushi for breakfast… but nachos and ramen have my heart. #balance 

Tiffany Haywood

Social Media & Branding

Business Consultant

910-323-3377 Ext 1006

My office is the ‘hang out’ zone. I always have snacks, there’s a full coffee bar and you can almost always hear a song playing in the background. I mean after all who doesn’t want their life to have it’s own unique soundtrack?

Noy Johnson


Housing Coordinator & Office Administrator

910-323-3377 Ext. 1000

Having my desk at the heart of the office has earned me the nickname of ‘momma’. On top of making sure our team is always connected I’ve also been known to mix up a mean Playlist or two! I’m always ready to get our team motivated and keep us smiling.

Heather Thieme


Accounting Department

910-323-3377 Ext. 1007

The team calls me the Wizard Behind the Curtain! I’m also happy to be known as the baker of the family since I love to bake in my spare time which means plenty of sweet treats all around!