Danice Langdon

Finances & Networking

Director, WBC


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The perfect day for me is my toes in the sand, the waves breaking and a good book. I am a coffee lover who believes we all have more in common than we do different. We just need to listen to hear the other person instead of listening to respond.

Stuart Walters

Business Loans & Finances

Business Consultant


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The Dumbledore of the team I am always ‘in the know’ of all things finance and business including the latest articles and breaking news despite still using a flip phone for communication!

Julie Bleam


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Melissa Martinez

Data Entry | Bilingual

Data Entry


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“I’m a Colombian nature lover who enjoys quality outdoor time with family and friends. My perfect day would start with a beautiful sunrise view and ends with a glass of my favorite wine at the beach.” 

Tiffany McMilan

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