Katlin Neese


WBCFay Director (Interim)


910-323-3377 Ext. 1009

I have a reputation in the office for constantly eating, super healthy “weird” things, at weird times! You’ll often see me drinking my spirulina/algae water or eating sushi for breakfast… but nachos and ramen have my heart. #balance 

Tiffany Haywood

Branding & Social Media

Business Consultant


910-323-3377 Ext 1006

My office is the ‘hang out’ zone. I always have snacks, there’s a full coffee bar and you can almost always hear a song playing in the background. I mean after all who doesn’t want their life to have it’s own unique soundtrack?

Stuart Walters

Business Loans & Finances

Business Consultant


910-323-3377 Ext. 1005

The Dumbledore of the team I am always ‘in the know’ of all things finance and business including the latest articles and breaking news despite still using a flip phone for communication!

Wisdom Uwaifo

Client Engagement Specialist

Business Consultant


910-323-3377 Ext. 1018

I came to the team as an intern and became an employee. I enjoy data, details and working so quiet the rest of the team barely knows I’m here… 

Carolina Echeverri


Business Consultant


910-323-3377 Ext. 1010

I’m a pet lover, fashionista, dark chocolate enthusiast and Columbian who believes there is no better way to change the world than having a cup of coffee while chatting with a friend.

Sara Kanady

Business Loans & Finances

Business Consultant


910-323-3377 Ext. 1021

Sara loves her dog so much that people think she’s talking about her boyfriend when referring to him. If you cannot find her at her desk… have a look under, you will find her with fluffy socks and a space heater. 

Ahriana Edwards

Business Intern



Ahriana keeps us all motivated with her ability to take any situation and find the positive. She has a quote to fit every moment and spark creativity in us all.


Josie Taris

Podcast Audio Producer

Business Consultant



Josie is our Podcast fairy. She is helping us spotlight the success of our clients with her skill, creativity and unique perspective. There’s no limit to her determination for quality – you may even find her building a fort or two around the office just to make sure the sound is ‘just right’.