Danice Langdon

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The perfect day for me is my toes in the sand, the waves breaking and a good book. I am a coffee lover who believes we all have more in common than we do different. We just need to listen to hear the other person instead of listening to respond.

Stuart Walters

Préstamos y finanzas comerciales

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El Dumbledore del equipo Siempre estoy 'al tanto' de todo lo relacionado con las finanzas y los negocios, incluidos los últimos artículos y noticias de última hora, ¡a pesar de que sigo usando un teléfono plegable para la comunicación!

Carolina Echeverri

Business Plans & Military Outreach | Bilingual

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Soy una amante de las mascotas, fashionista, entusiasta del chocolate amargo y colombiana que cree que no hay mejor manera de cambiar el mundo que tomar una taza de café mientras charla con un amigo.

Melissa Martinez

Data Entry | Bilingual

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“I’m a Colombian nature lover who enjoys quality outdoor time with family and friends. My perfect day would start with a beautiful sunrise view and ends with a glass of my favorite wine at the beach.” 

Caitlin Chastain

Copyright y comunicados de prensa

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My fashion icon is Cher who is known as the queen of reinvention for changing her look and career to stay relevant in pop culture. I love to use Cher and other rock and roll icons as reference to entrepreneurs who may need to pivot their idea or business strategy to stay profitable!