Fuel your body and experience intense feelings of well-being, happiness and excitement. Euphoria Nutrition is committed to providing you healthy nutrition, and an energetic place to enjoy one of our delicious menu items.

Owners Muriel Diaz and Kwamdre (Lad’ee) Williamson are passionate about helping their community. Both women have served their communities to the utmost. Coach Muriel has tirelessly served her country as an active duty Soldier in the US Army for over 25 years. This mom of 3, was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Puerto Rico. She began her healthy lifestyle business as a way to help others while working on her own personal transformation.

Coach Lad’ee has tirelessly served as a Law Enforcement Officer for over 12 years in 4 different states, with Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office being her initial agency. This mom of 2 has accompanied and supported the many moves of her active duty Army husband throughout his 20 year career. Coach Lad’ee has always had a passion for health and well-being. Her dedication and commitment to helping others continues to be her driving force.

These two amazing women are joining forces and bringing to the Fayetteville community one amazing nutrition bar that is guaranteed to leave you feeling euphoric.













Owners: Kwamdre (Lad’ee) Williamson and Muriel Diaz

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