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The business center provides resources to help business owners in in their success. From registering the business to hiring the first employee, we’re here to help start and grow local small businesses. The business center is always looking for experienced professionals to help join us in our mission.

Individual Counseling For Our Business Planning Clients

Qualified mentors are invited to join us for our bi-quarterly counseling nights, and mentor our business planning clients in a one-on-one setting.

Business Plan Reviewer

During a 90 minute training session, mentors are taught how to review a business plan, and then paired with our business planning clients to review and discuss their plans.

Outcomes Tracking Volunteer

We are seeking a skilled and creative Outcomes Tracker Volunteer to help us track the successes of new entrepreneurs who have participated in our programs. Tasks include inputting data from clients who attend CEED Entrepreneurship Classes and Events, tabulate and analyze client evaluations, administer a telephone survey to former clients to track successes, write up success stories of clients who have made significant strides in their business.