Helping Out the Mommas

Were you breastfed as a baby? If you’re a parent, did you or your partner breastfeed your child? Society takes breastfeeding for granted – a natural ability all mothers possess. But in reality, breastfeeding does not come easily for all moms. Lactation can be influenced by health conditions and stress – something we’ve all had plenty of this past year. New moms need support, and babies didn’t stop being born because of coronavirus. How did the pandemic change what that support looks like? And are things returning to normal?

In honor of Mother’s Day, we spent the episode with someone who found her calling helping moms. Take a moment to sit as we talk with Angela Tatum Malloy, MAT, IBCLC, CHW, Doula – Founder, Momma’s Village Fayetteville.

Oh, go call your mom.

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