Yeniz Parton, 2017 captain of the all-star NBC Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge, wanted to bring her experience in wellness training and love for family to Fayetteville. As a personal trainer for over 17 years, specializing in crossfit, Spartan SGX training, Spartan obstacle training, and Elite OCR competition training, Yeniz had the experience, but needed help with a business plan. She started I-F.I.T. to bring unity to the community and fitness training for all ages.

With help from the Women’s Business center of Fayetteville, Yeniz was able to organize her goals and develop a plan. She received training on financial literacy and marketing techniques, and was successful in opening I-F.I.T.

Yeniz was able to hire a ninja, gymnastic, and crossfit trainer to assist with training in specialized material. She has assistance from students in daily operations and started an online live stream business in hopes of integrating classes and promoting a healthy lifestyle.













Owner:  Yeniz Parton

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