The COVID Pivot!

We are super excited to invite you to join a movement! The COVID Pivot Movement is focused on motivating small business owners facing the challenges of COVID to Pivot into their future through training, marketing, and support from Women’s Business Centers across the nation!

But First, We Dance!

The COVID Pivot is a super easy dance choreographed by one of our very own small business owners – Ms. Stephanie Kegler of Dancing Without Sin LLC !

Watch the first clip then stay tuned for a slowed-down version to help you master the steps and have a bit of fun while doing it!

The COVID Pivot Instructional Video

Join The COVID Pivot Nation!

We invite you and your staff to accept our challenge, get your dance on, and join us in spreading the word about The COVID Pivot!

Once you have the steps down record your video in the horizontal position (16:9) then upload it to your Facebook Page tagging us – so we can share it and keep spreading the word about the COVID Pivot!

Team WBCFay Does The COVID Pivot!

Please post your COVID Pivot to your Facebook Pages on Friday, May 22nd!

When posting, please use hashtag your 2 Letter State Abbreviation + WBCCOVIDPivot – Ex: #NCWBCCOVIDPivot

We know with your help we can make this a viral movement so all your support and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated!