Origins Naturopathic Health & Wellness

Origins Naturopathic Health and Wellness began as a dream that morphed into a purpose-driven calling to help people in the community reach optimal health. As Fayetteville’s premier naturopathic clinic, Dr. Kerry Dunn offers alternative labs and diagnostic therapies like live and dry blood cell analysis, food intolerance and sensitivity testing, allergy testing, genetic health mapping, and more. 

Kerry had a background in nursing prior to opening Origins but felt called to a career change after having her daughter. She said, “My faith and family are what drives me daily to pursue my passion for helping others find healing.”  Her practice and philosophy is to educate patients, empowering them to live better and healthier lives. Unlike the current conventional medical model, Origins Naturopathic Health and Wellness makes naturopathic medicine hassle-free and accessible. Dr. Dunn treats the whole person and gets to the root cause of health concerns.

Kerry graduated from Genesis School of Natural Health as a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathic Medicine, with a secondary degree as a Clinical Herbalist. She also has a certification as a  blood analyst from Naturecure Academy in London, as well as a national board certification through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  

The Women’s Business Center of Fayetteville provided technical assistance to help Kerry plan to open Origins. She attended one-on-one consultations with our staff to help develop her plan and decide to do a ribbon-cutting. In November 2020, We assisted Kerry with her grand opening ceremony, which she says has been the most helpful service we’ve offered. She said

The ribbon-cutting was excellent exposure and advertising for my business with the reach and audience the WBC has. The WBC team helped me organize my thoughts during the opening stage and helped build my confidence – and clientele with the ribbon-cutting.”

Since the grand opening, Origins Naturopathic Health and Wellness has grown by over 40 clients. There has been a fantastic community response and turnout due to how badly holistic services were needed in the Fayetteville community. Kerry is pleased with her steady growth – she said it has been great but not overwhelming. Her growth has still allowed her time to prioritize her clinic, her family, and her other business – Dunny Acres Farm and Apothecary. She calls her success a true blessing, as she was inspired to start her businesses because of her children, and still has time to homeschool them and give them her love and attention while continuing to better the Fayetteville community and make her dreams a reality.

The best part of opening Origins, according to Kerry, is that she gets to spend her days helping people and hearing their stories. Due to the nature of her practice, clients are with her for lengthy appointments and open up about who they are and why they are there. She truly loves getting to know each individual that comes through her doors and helping them to lead a better, healthier life.