Soon to be Dr. Gena Oxendine, a licensed therapist, saw a need for Cajun food in Fayetteville. Gena began cooking with his grandmother, learning Cajun dishes that highlighted his own rich heritage. Gena sold plates out of his apartment before seeing an opportunity in the food truck industry, and reached out to CEED to help. With the help of CEED, Gena was able to start Savory N Sweet, a food truck and catering service.

CEED helped Gena with marketing through social media and radio promotion. He now uses his business to help non-profit organizations and others in need, such as foster care homes and single parents. In the future, Gena hopes to expand Savory N Sweet into a brick and mortar business.

Gena has been able to create four part-time job positions with the opening of Savory N Sweet.

Owner:  Dr. Gena Oxendine

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