Sprinkle Grace

Sprinkle Grace is a Speciality Online Retail Store. Sprinkle Grace’s Mission is to Sprinkle Grace and Spread Love to Little Girls, Their Moms, and Their Grandmothers; Through Clean Beauty, Lifestyle, and Wellness Products.  Grace Pierce is a vibrant 6-year-old CEO, a student at Fayetteville Academy.  

Sprinkle Grace focuses on beauty, lifestyle, and wellness for little girls, their moms, and their grandmothers.  In May 2019, Grace and I chose to follow my mother’s natural approach to everyday issues, utilizing essential oils.  Grace caught on and enjoyed making rollers for her bumps and bruises. June 2020, after finding a solution to help Grace’s skin concerns, using butters, oils, and essential oils, Sprinkle Grace was formed.  We have expanded to focus on moisture for our beauty products, confidence and self-love for our lifestyle products, and health for our wellness products.   Sprinkle Grace can be found online at www.sprinklegraceco.com and at Turner Lane in Fayetteville, NC.  

Sprinkle Grace gives back through the formation of Sprinkle Grace and Sprinkle Grace Inspires Foundation (forthcoming 501C3).  We give back to the community through recycling, clean-up community events, monthly donations to those in need, and partnership with One Tree.

CEED and the Women’s Business Center have been a vital part of our business growth.  The in-person and virtual trainings have helped us formulate our business plans, increase marketing skills, and gain the confidence to lead our business to the next level. 

Constance said, “The connections and knowledge gained through the Women’s Business Center has been invaluable.”

Sprinkle Grace has 5 Ambassadors and created an Affiliate program. We are also in the process of creating an internship program.

The Sky’s The Limit, we look forward to creating our own Store Front in the right environment.  We look to continue to improve and provide products that can continue to make a difference in the lives of little girls, their moms, and their grandmothers.  We want to help others create generational wealth and save our environment.