BrowQueen Microblading

BrowQueen Microblading and Permanent Make-Up is a beauty studio offering permanent and semi-permanent make-up services. Kristine is known to her clients as Ms. KittyCatKat and her team specializes in microblading, permanent eyeliner, permanent lipstick, and lip liner, done by a process similar to tattooing. 

Kristine got her start with BrowQueen in June of 2019. She knew there was a better way to reach your beauty goals than waking up and applying powder brows each day. Kristine jokes “I used to run away whenever my friends visit me at my house because I don’t have my powder brows on and I look so unpresentable! But now? Not Anymore! Big Thanks to MICROBLADING!” 

She wanted to bring that confidence to all women in Fayetteville, by making their lives easier with the cosmetic services BrowQueen offers. Kristine recognizes that women are so busy juggling all that life brings – families, careers, and home-keeping – and wants to save them the time they spend each morning applying makeup. The main goal of the BrowQueen team is to make everyone feel “Brow-tiful!”

Kristine said,

 “I want to make all women beautiful. When they wake-up in the morning, they don’t need to hide their face from the judgemental world.”

When COVID-19 struck, plenty of businesses in the beauty industry struggled with lockdowns, new guidelines to follow, and financial hardship. BrowQueen, however, continued to thrive. In fact, Kristine said business got better. Women were seeking an escape from the stress and sadness the pandemic caused, and BrowQueen catered to their needs – giving them a beauty safe haven.

Kristine’s hard work and dedication throughout the past 19 months has paid off – BrowQueen will be opening their second location on February 6th. The new BrowQueen location at 4401 Ramsey Street is ten times bigger than the previous location, allowing for expansion of services and the ability to serve even more clients. 

She had the idea and the talent, and The Women’s Business Center of Fayetteville helped her reach her goals by providing technical assistance. We provided business plan development assistance, social media guidance, and ribbon-cutting services at her first grand opening. Now, we are looking forward to helping her cut the ribbon at her expansion.

Kristine hopes to continue to expand BrowQueen, when asked about her plans for the future she said “By God’s blessing, we will be international. I want to have branches in every state and make every woman feel beautiful.” She wants all entrepreneurs to know that they can do it – just like she did. Faith was a driving force behind BrowQueen, and Kristine has lived by a motto: “With Faith, everything is possible. Just believe in yourself and pray.